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Century Water Systems & Technologies Pte Ltd (CWST) is an advanced engineering company specializing in process water, clean water and wastewater treatment technology and products. With extensive experiences and expertise on most advanced water technologies and latest products gained from many renowned water systems worldwide. CWST is positioned to be one of the leading water technology companies providing one-stop solutions to customers in South-East Asia, Great China and Indian market from industrial, municipal to household fields.

CWST main office is located in Singapore as the water technology hub with the following branch offices in the region:

1. Malaysia – branch office in Johor Baru

2. China – Branch Office in Tianjin

3. China – manufacturing factory in Suzhou

4. Indonesia – Designated distributor at Jakarta


1. UPW/DI Water Turn-key Systems for Semiconductor and Solar industry.

2. PW/HPW/WFI Generation Systems for Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industry.

3. Sea Water Desalination Systems or Mobile Plants for Onshore or Offshore.

4. Demineralized Water and Condensate Polishing for Power Industry.

5. Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reclaim.

6. Engineering Services and Validation.

7. TWM (Total Water Management).

The expertise provided by CWST is from over 20 years of field experiences with more than 40 water projects and systems worldwide. The knowledge and skills are highly recognized by the customers in the industries around Asia, including South-east Asia and Great China. By developing and adopting advanced water technologies and latest products over the world, CWST is capable of providing most cost-effective solutions with customer-oriented approach.


1. Philips LumiLEDs, Singapore

100m3/h Ultrapure Water System and distribution Loop (Phase 1) turn-key project (Design, Build, Commission and Operation) within 5 months. This project is highly recognized by client for high product quality, high installation standard and cost-effective solutions.

60m3/h Ultrapure Water System Phase 2 expansion

40m3/h waste water (Grinding Waste Water/AHU condensate/RO reject) reclaim project. This work is highly recognized by PUB Singapore and presented by Philips in Water Efficiency Management Conference on 22nd March 2013.

2. Sibu Island Resort Malaysia – 1+1 *15m3/h Seawater Desalination plant design, built and maintenance for drinking water and clean water use.

3. Novartis Pharmaceutical, Singapore – Provide Total Water Management (TWM) Solutions for all its water treatment systems including Purified Water System (PUW) and distribution loop, Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) for waste water treatment plant, incoming City Water Chlorination System, as well as Cooling Tower Water Treatment, covering all the water related activities from system operation, maintenance, trouble-shooting and improvement/water reclaim projects.

4. MSD Pharmaceutical, Singapore – Provide process/engineering support and ad-hor service for Purified Water System (PUW). Covering all the water related activities from system operation, maintenance, trouble-shooting and improvement.

5. Baxter Bioscience, Singapore – Supply and installation of 2 sets of Water For Injection (WFI, 3000kg/h) and Pure steam (PSG, 1000kg/h) system for production- ongoing

6. Soho Group, Indonesia – Provide complete set of PW generation System including pre-treatment — ongoing.

7. Schering-Plough Pharmaceutical, Singapore – Provide process & engineering support and ad-hor service for Purified Water System (PUW) as well as trouble-shooting and system improvement projects.

8. Pharmaniaga Pharmaceutical, Malaysia - Provide process & engineering support and ad-hor service for Purified Water System (PUW) as well as trouble-shooting and system improvement projects.

9. GSK Biological - Provide process & engineering support and ad-hor service for Purified Water System (PUW) as well as trouble-shooting and system improvement projects.

10. Alcon Singapore - Provide fully automatic water softening system for chilled water supply and other water system servicing work.

11. Thermo Fisher Scientific Bio - Process - Provide PW system equipment and system commissioning and servicing.

12. Micron Technology, Singapore - Provide UPW system project, waste water reclaim and plant modification work.

13. Themed Attractions, Malaysia – Installation and commissioning of LSS system on Sibu Island for fish training center.

14. Themed Attractions, Malaysia – Installation and commissioning of LSS system for Back of House at Desaru, Malaysia – ongoing.

The reference projects managed and executed by CWST key staff include the following:

1. STMicroelectronics Singapore – Total capacity of 450m3/h for UPW and Waste Water treatment/reclaim systems.

2. Micron, Singapore – 160 m3/h UPW and WWT systems

3. Siltronic/Samsung, Singapore – 320m3/h UPW system and 30m3/h grinding waste water reclaim.

4. Novartis Pharmaceutical, Singapore – 3m3/h PUW generation system and loop

5. GSK Biological, Singapore – 30m3/h PUW and WFI systems

6. TSMC fab 10B, China – 180m3/h UPW system

7. Macronix fab 5, Taiwan – 250m3/h UPW system

8. Inforvision Optoelectronics, China – 550m3/h UPW system

The employee strength in CWST Singapore/Malaysia/China has total of 25, the combined annual turn-over is around S$2.5 million for financial year of 2011 and S$3.5M for 2012.


1. Customized/Modular Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

With profound knowledge of water chemistry as well as strong engineering skill on RO system configuration, CWST’s RO system has the following unique advantage compared to many RO treatment systems in the market:

Customized design

Optimized configuration

Ideal functional logic

Fully Automatic Operation

Longer Service Life

2. Mico-filtration (MF)/Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane System

CWST has partnered with leading MF/UF manufacturers to design, fabricate and test standard modular MF/UF treatment systems for the following key applications:

Pharmaceutical PUW pretreatment to replacing MMF/ACF

Sea Water Desalination for better pretreatment.

Backing grinding, CMP waste water treatment for reclaim.

Drinking water for bacterial removal.

MBR for biological waste water treatment

3. Ion Exchange System

CWST Specialists provide ion exchange technology and fully automatic modular systems for the following different applications:

Water softening

Water demineralization/Deionization

Water De-alkalization

Nitrate Removal

Heavy/Precious Metal Removal

Arsenic removal

4. Electrolysis Deionization (EDI) Systems

CWST provides complete product lines on EDI (CEDI) systems with fully automatic feature, which cater for both hot-water sanitization type or chemical sanitization in pharmaceutical and F&N industries as well as normal deionization for semiconductor industry

5. Biological treatment and Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Technology

CWST design, construct and operate different types of MBR waste water treatment system for both industrial (pharmaceutical, pulp & paper etc) and municipal use with modular systems. CWST provides both the integrated submerged hollow fiber type and two-stage continuous cross-flow membrane type MBR with fully automatic operation.

6. Water For Injection (WFI) and Pure Steam Generator (PSG)

In conjunction with top European technology and Singapore highest quality, CWST is able to supply and install full range of WFI/PSG system with distribution system. All the system is fully automatic with full validation following GMAP requirement.


Century Water System & Technologies Pte Ltd’s vision is to be a leading water technology company in Asia-Pacific Region adopting latest technology and products with most cost effective solutions. Its mission is to become frontier in resolving global issue of “Water Scarcity” as well as environmental protection. Most importantly is to bring the best value to the customers and end-users.

Century Water System & Technologies Pte Ltd aims to achieve its mission through five the key themes which will be emphasized on:-

Adopting of latest technology and product

Simplified process

Cost Effective through competitive material sourcing globally, especially from emerging market.

Endless Innovative Engineering

Customer-oriented support


Teamwork - To work as a Team to achieve Company goals.

Customer-Oriented - Customer’s need is our first priority

People -People is the key asset of the company, continuous motivation and appreciation can only achieve the goal.

Quality -To ‘Do it right the first time’ and delivering product and services that meet customer’ expectations.

Passion -To us, every project is done with passion and enthusiasm bordering on creativity.

Responsibility - To be responsible for customer, work, life as well as family and the society, also yourself.

Law - Ensure that our activities are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


1. UPW/DI Water Turn-key Systems 2. PW/HPW/WFI Generation Systems 3. Sea Water Desalination Systems or Mobile Plants for Onshore or Offshore 4. Demineralized Water and Condensate Polishing 5 . Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reclaim 6. Engineering Services and Validation 7. TWM (Total Water Management)

Why we are a green organisation

Century Water Systems & Technologies Pte Ltd will be using Singapore as its design, technology and quality center (Center of Excellence), China as its materials sourcing/manufacturing base to generate profitable business through its services and products and technology. Given the rising incomes of the emerging market in South-East Asia, India and Middle-East, the demand for such services and product in producing cleaner water should never be underestimated. It has clearly defined the needs and preferences of our customers. The entry of more competitors poses no threat for us, as it will be a cost effective leader with innovation in the industry. It will serve our clients with quality with aesthetically pleasing products each and every time. Singapore rules and regulations make our services and products more transparent. Riding on the global name of “Singapore”, Century Water Systems & Technologies Pte Ltd is confident that it can succeed for many more years to come, with the expansion plan to China, Malaysia, India and Indonesia within three years.

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